Paranomic II

Miscellaneous information

Last updated Wednesday 24 March 1999

Repealed Rules

Rule 207

[repealed by proposal 304]

If a proposal is adopted, the player who proposed it scores 10 points. If a proposal is defeated, the player who proposed it loses 10 points.

Rule 211

[repealed by proposal 302]

At no time may there be more than 25 mutable rules.


[repealed by proposal 315]

All players are required to vote on all proposals. Each player always has exactly one vote per proposal. Votes should be clearly expressed to the forum. If a player fails to vote within three days of a proposal becoming a white paper, they are assumed to have voted in favour of the proposal and lose three points. The vote is complete when all players have voted on the proposal.


Fraser invoked judgment on whether rule 202 conflicts with rule 207 (and takes precedence over it), or they do not conflict and both rules apply when it comes to scoring.  

K 2 was selected as judge and gave the following verdict:

Rules 202 and 207 both govern circumstances under which a player may gain points. The fact that a player is gaining points by one method does not preclude them from gaining them by another. Neither rule attempts to prevent other rules from changing a player's score, thus Rules 202 and 207 are not in conflict.

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