This is the web page for the play-by-email game Paranomic.

Paranomic is based very closely on Nomic, a game in which changing the rules is a move. For more information about Nomic follow the useful links below. The game is administrated and officiated by the umpire, which is me, David Kenning.

The game is no longer active, but these web pages have been left as a historical document in case anyone should be interested.

Game Documents

Nomic Links


The original Nomic game. There is a lot of useful and interesting information about Nomic and related matters here.

Net Nomic Database

An informative list of many of the Nomic games that are played over the Internet/email.

Nomic FAQ

This is another very useful site if you want to know anything about Nomic.

Nomic Bulletin Board

A good way to get in touch with other Nomic players.

The Nomic Ring

A web ring of Nomic games.

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